Fixtures Maker


Match Generator

Match Generator is a program for Fixture Secretaries and the like who need to organise Knock-out Cup draws and Weekly Fixtures. Cup draws can be drawn from 128 entrants down. Weekly Fixtures can be generated for Leagues of seven teams upto Leagues of

Calorie Counting

Calorie Counting is an easy to use program to keep an eye on your Calorie and Fat intake. Selections can be made from the provided lists. These lists can be modified by removing or adding food items. Food items can be DeSelected until your Calorie


Small Syndicate Lottery Checker

The Small Syndicate Lottery Checker will store and check upto 42 lines. Store the lines in the Grids provided and enter the winning numbers. Any winning lines will be notified. Secretaries of larger Syndicates can, of course, install the program two


LifeMeter can be used to measure on an ongoing basis how long a person has lived. (See Screenshot) In Detail view it shows how many Days or Hours or Minutes or Seconds the person has lived for. The program can also be used to measure the time spent

Towers of Hanoi

A Program based on the old Towers of Hanoi puzzle. The Discs have to be moved from the Left hand Dais to the Right hand Dais. This is done by dragging them with the Mouse. Only a top Disk can be moved. A larger Disc cannot be placed on a


MemoCal is an easy to use combined Calendar and Memo. Clicking on the Calendar puts the chosen date into the underlying Memo for the User to add the relevant information. Regularly used information e.g.s People's names or Place names or Technical

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A Computer version of the old Rock/Paper/Scissors game. The Computer will try to outguess the Human player. The first to reach Eleven points is the Winner. The Program keeps an ongoing record of games played. This

Contact Numbers

There are plenty of Brilliant Personal Information Managers available. if you need what they have then this probably isn't for you. However, if all you need is an easy to use way to store the Contact details of Friends, Colleagues etc then this might

Form Colours

Form Colours is intended for Programmers and others who want to give their stuff an individual look. With most Computers these days offering Millions of Colours why not use them? Selected RGB colours can be stored in a dropdown list for future


OutWit is a Game that needs both Trivia Knowledge and Strategy Skills. It can be played between two players or two teams. Multiple choice answers are supplied and Questions can be revisited until answered correctly. There are Twenty games of 30


Reminders is a Limited but easy to use program to set reminders for Dates and Times. Reminder notes can be stored in a list for re-use as needed.

ClientTimer  v.1.3

ClientTimer is a software to record and total up time spent working for a client or on a project or whatever.

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